What are the life hacks to get the best deals on eBay and Amazon?

Life hacks to shop from eBay:
If you want to explore a more interesting view of eBay where you can find all images of the products you search on eBay aggregated in one page, where you get to filter the products by lowest price to the highest price, from new brand new products to secondhand products etc, Picclick is the place for that.
People consider Picclick's interface more convenient and useful than the default view on eBay.

picclick website

Life hacks to shop from Amazon:
If you wish to find an Amazon price tracker where you get price drop alerts for the products you wish to buy and find the products on Amazon with the highest price drops and do a lot more, Camelcamelcamel will help you with that. Eevn if the name sounds funny, this will probably be your new addiction to shop from Amazon.

camelcamelcamel website