Can humans live without head?

There was a case of one chicken named 'Mike the headless chicken' who survived for 18 months without its head. However, the case would be entirely different when it comes to humans. If a human head is being chopped off, neither the body or the head would survive.

What would happen to the body?

Everything related to human body functioning and survival is controlled by our brains. Starting from a blink of an eye, thoughts, feeling, emotions, body movements and whatsoever is related to the brain. When the head is chopped off, it basically disconnects all the nerves connecting the head and body. So the conclusion is where there is no head, there is no life.

What would happen to the head?

As soon as the human head and the body is being separated, blood pressure falls to zero. And along with the excessive blood flowing, it will lose its life in 3-5 seconds. There are rare cases where the head lasted for around 15 seconds maximum.