Is Wrestling real or scripted?

Wrestling it self is a game and a billion dollar industry. All wrestling matches are in fact professional acting. To be more precise, it is actually recognized as a TV show than a sport. WWE Wrestling or any wrestling tournament we see are scripted, written and choreographed before the matches.This includes winners, losers, champions and everything else you see in a wrestling tournament. Just like Olympics or all other acrobatic games, all wrestlers are being well trained on how the game is being played. This includes the jumps, kicks, punches and flips etc. They are also well aware and trained to bleed too. The bleeding from nose, a head scar by the kicks and use of objects such as chairs etc. The referee is one of the main people included in the acting. Additionally, you can also notice the bouncy floors inside the ring, which protect the wrestlers by being thrown off by the opponent and by the jumps they make to the floor.