What is Deep Web and Dark Web?

Deep Web is the unseen and the largest potion of the World Wide Web. Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Youtube and everything else combined with all what we see through the normal internet (Surface Web) is less than 1% of the total internet. The Deep Web consists of the rest, which is over 99% of data. The Deep Web and the Dark Web is not indexed or found in any search engine in the world. Considering the whole internet as an iceberg, all what we see through the Surface Web is said to be the potion above the sea level. The rest unseen and the deepest part of the iceberg is the Deep Web. And when you reach the deepest root of the iceberg, this is considered as the Dark Web. In fact, Dark Web is a portion of the whole Deep Web.

What is in the Deep Web?

So when see look into what are the contents in the Deep Web, it consists of several secured data stored by unknown individuals and the Governments. It includes data such as Statistics, Medical Records, Scientific Reports and Studies, Legal Documents, Academic Information, Online Banking databases and many several other types of databases. Deep Web is also called the 'Invisible Web' or the 'Hidden Web'. Deep web was invented by the Computer Scientist Michael K. Bergman in 2001.

What is in the Dark Web?

Dark Web is the most illicit and the most dangerous invisible territory in the world. Starting from drug trade and trafficking shopping websites, anonymous markets, fraud services, human experiments, illegal pornography, arms, guns and weapons, bitcoin and cryptocurrency. People work as assassins and hit-men, kidnapping, robbery and all illegal trade and all sorts of terrorism. There are also weird jobs posted to find individuals willing to present them selves for undisclosed experiments and to be willing not to be heard or seen by anyone for certain period of time. It is also said that these kind of jobs promise to pay huge amount of money in a short period of time. And within this Dark Web, there are growing social networks too. All transactions within the Dark Web is done through cryptocurrency and bitcoins. This is to ensure the anonymity of these people within the Dark Web. To be on the safe side, it is advised for you not to surf through the Dark Web.
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